Oil Scrapper Ring

  • Use of tin and lead bronze, PTFE filled grade etc. to perform outstanding abrasion resistance.
  • Compared with cast iron oil scraper ring, it is given the advantages of short running-in time, sound matching condition with the surface of piston rod, and that it won’t scrape the surface of piston rod.
  • Application fields : oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, natural gas, PET bottle production and gas industry.
  • Material: bronze metal, cast iron metal PTFE filled grade.
  • Size: per custom’s size and drawings.

make of replacement: IR, CPT, KGK, KPC etc…

Main Function of Oil Wiper Packing

Oil wiper packing is designed to seal the oil from the crankcase. By scraping away the excess oil generated along the piston rod by its back and forwards movements, the oil wiper rings prevent any accidental leakage outside the crankcase.

Basic Wiper Ring Designs:

  • tangent cut unidirectional
  • radial cut wiper rings
  • tangent cut bidirectional
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