Types Of PTFE

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PTFE Ring & Bush
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Virgin PTFE

PTFE material is highly resistant to heat, as well as attack from most chemicals. The electrical properties are excellent. Though it’s high impact strength, its resistance to wear, durability and creep resistance are low as compared to alternative engineering grade thermoplastics. Like many other plastics it properties are often improved by adding fillers like glass fibre, carbon, and/or graphite.

25% Glass Filled PTFE

25% Glass filled PTFE is used to improve the creep resistance of PTFE over all temperature ranges, while still allowing some compression required for sealing in both gaskets and valves. Improved wear behaviour is exhibited, while there is little effect on the electrical properties, as glass fibre is an insulator. 25% Glass has an exceptional resistance to water. Still giving excellent chemical stability, PTFE +25% GF has better thermal conductivity and coefficient of friction when combined with MoS2 or graphite.

25% Carbon Filled PTFE

PTFE carbon filled has better creep and wear resistance compared to standard PTFE sheet. These properties are improved with the addition of a carbon filler. This filler improves dimensional stability, raises the heat deflection temperature, improves creep resistance and the dynamic bearing performance. Based product.

This grade provides 3½ times higher thermal conductivity than non reinforced PTFE — dissipating heat from the bearing surface faster. Carbon-filled PTFE is black in colour.

40% Bronze Filled PTFE The addition of Bronze to PTFE

Gives better dimensional stability and lowers creep, cold flow and wear. It increases hardness and compressive strength whilst also increasing thermal and electrical conductivity

PTFE 60% Bronze filled

Is a filled compound on Virgin PTFE containing 60% Bronze for Ram Extrusion, Compression and Isostatic moulding

Properties -Improved thermal dimensional stability -High thermal conductivity -Improved deformation under load -Good chemical stability -Reduced cold flow -Reduced friction & wear; Low friction behavior -Improved compression strength -Improved surface hardness -Exceptional temperature resistance -High resistance to abrasion.

Stainless Steel Filled PTFE

The addition of Stainless Steel to PTFE gives better dimensional stability and lowers creep, cold flow and wear. It increases hardness and compressive strength whilst also increasing thermal and electrical conductivity.

Glass Fibre Filled PTFE

Glass fibre is the most commonly used filler in PTFE. It gives much improved compression and wear properties. The addition of Molybdenum Disulphide greatly improves the materials self lubrication properties particularly in dynamic sealing applications.

Anti Static PTFE PTFE

With a special conductive filler to produce an antistatic material

MoS2 Filled PTFE

  • Self-lubrication in presence of apolar gas
  • Low friction coeff.
  • Retained high dielectric performance even in presence of improved thermal and electrical conductivity due to the filler
  • Good dimensional stability and not fragile like ceramic

Peek Filled PTFE

  • High compressive strength
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Outstanding mechanical properties at elevated temp.
  • Good wear resistance

Glass + MoS2 filled PTFE

  • High compressive strength
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Improved wear resistance under load & permanent deformation
  • Improved frictional properties